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Since turning her attention to theatre and graduating as director from The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in 2010, Sara has created a body of critically acclaimed work, recognized for it’s striking visual power.


As director, Sara’s work includes Perfect (Southwark Park Gallery, London, 2010), DNA by Dennis Kelly (University of Iceland Theatre group, 2011), Breaking News (VaVaVoom, 2012), Wide Slumber at the Reykjavik Arts Festival (2014), Pila Pina (MAk 2016), Nuno & Junia (MAk 2017) and Fyrirlestur um eitthvað fallegt (A lecture on something beautiful) which premiered in April 2017 in Tjarnarbio, Reykjavik. In 2018 Sara acted in both Hans Blær (Óskabörn Ógæfunnar and Eirkíkur Norðfjörð) and Rejunion (by Lakehouse Theatre and Soley Omarsdottir) at Tjarnarbio Theatre.

In February 2019 SmartíLab premiered The Things We Do In Private (a new play by Sara Martí and Heiðar Sumarliðason) at Tjarnarbio Theatre.

Sara has worked in London and Edinburgh, as well as in all the major theatres in Iceland. 


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